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    Simple lifting and traversing stereo garage



    Working principle
    Two layers of simple lifting lower parking can be directly in and out of the vehicle. When the upper parking area is accessed, the lower bus leaves, and the upper parking space is lowered into the ground through the lifting mechanism, and the car is stored or taken out. Three layer pit type simple lifting, simple structure, easy operation, can make full use of underground space, can increase at least two times more than the parking space in a certain area, mostly for residential units, such as a shortage of parking spaces.


    Main products: intelligent parking equipment, parking management system. The production of lifting andtransferring vertical lifting plane, movable type, landscape type, garage, and the garage vertical circulation type elevator for car etc..


    We have advanced raw materials


     Welding beautiful smooth.                                                            Beautiful and elegant, economical and safe


    Senior Engineer Monitoring                                       High accuracy and little error